Fountain Of Youth.

I was just a part of a thread on FB with a bunch of my friends from GRADE SCHOOL. Crazy to see names and faces of people I haven't seen in 15 years, even crazier to see how "grown up" they all are. Kids, houses, marriages, but at what cost? Props to the people who have been able to grab ahold of the "American Dream", but don't let it make you old.

Here I am, a 29 year old going on 20. 

I've dedicated my life to my art and it's kept me young wayyyy beyond my years. Damn near 15 years in the game and bboying has been my fountain of youth. There have been plenty of times when I had to think, "Is it time to throw in the towel? Is it time for me to grow up?" 

FUCK THAT. Grow up, but never let go of the passion that keeps you young. Mad respect to you guys older than me who've been on the same path for years longer and have still managed to make a life for yourself. You show me that it's still possible and keep my dream alive. They saying is universal, but "You didn't quit breaking cause you got old,  you got old because you quit breaking."

Stay young, never die.

- AD