Shifting Gears.

Shifting Gears.jpg

My big bro, Mr. Fanstastic himself, SKEME RICHARDS, is dropping his superrrr official new mixtape TODAY out in Philly. (YES, it's an acutal fucking mixtape.) I had the pleasure of getting my filthy hands on one a week early, and all I can say is DAMN.

Skeme went above and beyond with his project and got it professionally produced on a cassette tape, elevating from the standard digital mix or CD drop so common today. I can't tell you how stoked I am to know that there are others out there who's focus is on quality and are not afraid to get shit done "The Hard Way."

Didn't grab one yet? Well that's TOO FUCKING BAD. I'm pretty sure they're all sold out, unless you can steal a copy from one of your much cooler friends who probably didn't get one either. Peep the official site at WWW.RECORDBREAKIN.COM to see if they have any left!

PROPS SKEME, keep up the good work! Peep more ill adventures from the worlds most interesting soul selector at and give him a follow on IG @SkemeRichards.

- AD