"Holy Shit."


This right here is my "HOLY SHIT, THE FUCK IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW" face. I pretty much had it on all weekend as I watched product damn near vanish into thin air from my booth at SBO. My trip to Silverback Open was the most merchandise I've EVER brought out of state with me, 3 luggages and 2 full sized boxes, and almost ALL OF IT sold the fuck out.


THANK YOU EVERYONE for your overwhelming support last weekend. People from all over the world were swarming my table to get their hands on my new releases, some people even coming back more than once to grab extras. There are times when the shadow of doubt has me question exactly what the fuck it is I'm doing with my life, but you guys showed me (without a doubt) that I'm on the right path. Love you fools, and thanks again for your support.

- AD