On Saturday, DJ BLES ONE and I are dropping a crazy limited, hand painted / printed "Son Of Action Breaks" Mix CD and the KWOC X MASH HALL Collab Tee. Pretty fucking gnarly right?


What you DIDN'T know is that any of you beautiful bastards who decide to cop BOTH items will also be getting one of these "Son Of Action Breaks" 11 x 17" posters TOTALLY FREE. You can't get your hands on these unless you grab the combo (or you steal one on some shady shit). There are ONLY 50 POSTERS in existence, so you know the deal... IF YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE!


We will be fully stocked this weekend at Silverback Open, and will have supplies available online in the Online Store. I hope you guys have been saving up, Fall '16 is gonna CRUSH!!