No Competition.



Notice how you can see the grain of the shirt through the print on this piece? That's because instead of using your standard plastisol ink that sits on TOP the shirt, I stepped my game up and used a discharge based ink. "What the fuck is that?" You ask? Let me explain:

Basically, what's happening here is I'm printing with a heat activated "bleach gel" that penetrates the actual cotton, rather than covering it. Once exposed to the right amount of heat for the right amount of time, this "bleach gel" completely removes the black pigment from the cotton and brings it back to its natural color before it was ever died.

Cool right? What's even cooler is that after just a single wash, all traces of that "bleach gel" will be gone with absolutely NO effect to the print. It will be completely soft to the touch as if the shirt was never printed at all, yet completely vibrant because there is no ink to wash away. The print is now 100 percent permanent because it is "bleached" directly into the fabric of the shirt.

Why should you care? You don't need to. Just KNOW that when the new Kings Without Crowns Black Label collection drops on October 8th, all of your favorite brands will be effectively blown out of the water. There is no more competition because these pieces will be in a league of their own.

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