The Inspiration.


The inspiration for the new Black Label Collection first  hit me while looking around at the crowd at one of the zillion concerts I go to and I thought to myself "Damn, I can't picture a single one of these fucking people rocking KWOC". It's not that they wouldn't LIKE my brand, it's just obviously not their style.

From there, I started pinpointing elements of rock n' roll fashion that I personally felt made it stand apart from what I was already doing. I dug deep, I did research, hell, I want to a SHIT TON of shows. I soaked myself in the culture so that I could be fully confident that what I'd making would have genuine appeal to the scene I've been calling home.

Black Label is the product of that research, +10 years of Screen Printing expertise, combined with the experience of my years of tireless dedication to the fashion of Streetwear that's literally possessed me for the better part of a decade.

For some of you, this might just be a another shirt. For me, this is my fine art. Kings Without Crowns Black Label debuts October 8th as part of the Fall '16 collection. Love it or leave it, the bar has already been raised.