Another big ass batch of orders out the door today. This past week, I broke the 3,300th order mark since I've made the switch to Shopify. Well over 10,000 items shipped to more than two dozen countries all over the globe. Every single print on every single garment PRINTED BY HAND by yours truly since day one: NO DAYS OFF, NO SUBSTITUTIONS. 

Most of my garments require up to FOUR prints before they are ready to put into inventory. Do the math, that's more than 40,000 prints BY HAND (that's right, Cros 1, 40,000 manually fucking pushed prints) not including all the other manual labor I put in to bring this brand to life. Every single order, every single email, handled personally. Impressed? You don't need to be... but can you name even ONE other brand in the fucking galaxy who's doing the same at this scale, for this long?!!