Euro Trip.

So, I've been kinda quiet the last week. Don't fear, I've just been hella busy kicking major ass on a global scale. That being said... IM GOING TO EUROPE MADADAKKASSSSS!!!

Catch me in the other side of the Atlantic catching SERIOUS WRECK from Feb 23rd - March 7th. I'll be setting up shop at 2 separate events while I'm out there, come find me if you want first dibs on some new hot shit!

Feb 25th - Salzburg, Austria -  CIRCLE INDUSTRY FINALS

March 5th - Rotterdam, The Netherlands - HIT N' RUN: ROTTERDAM

Yeah, shit got REAL. Europe homies, HIT A BROTHA UP! I'd love to link up with as many heads as possible while I'm out there! Time to do workkk!