Risk Taker.

DEVIL IN THE DETAILS has just been fully restocked in both color options in the Online Store.

At first, I was SUPER hesitant to drop any visuals of this beast. Although I'm extremely proud of the design, it's an unfortunate truth that our world is just loaded with short-sighted haters that wouldn't even attempt to give my work a chance. Of course, those people came to the surface instantly, but they were QUICKLY drowned out by the resounding support from the rest of you. 

Thanks for giving me a shot, guys. I absolutely LOVE taking risks like this. NOT because I just want to start a controversy, but because sometimes, the best way to illustrate your message is to evoke emotion. And, personally, I think this graphic does EXACTLY THAT. I'm just doing me, gang, and you better believe this won't be the last time I burn your eyes just a little.