In the weeks leading up to my European trip, I've been legit slaughtering myself over long long workdays in my shop. SOOO MUCH to do, and I'd be fucked of it wasn't finished before my trip.

Through nothing short of mental sacrifice, EVERYTHING GOT DONE. I couldn't be happier knowing that I was able to wrap up all my hard work before departing on this monster journey. Everything worked out, right? WRONG.

Nightmare travel conditions led to rough skies and cancelled flights, but I survived. I made it safe and sound, can't say the same for my luggage though. 2 of my bags LOADED with the product of my incessant slaving in the shop never made it. I'm doing everything I can to recover them, but it's looking like I'll be setting up shop at Circle Industry this Saturday with only HALF of my inventory. I apologize in advance for the let down guys, but I'm really trying my best. 

Starting this trip off on a bad foot, but if you know me at all, you know that NOTHING is going to stop me from getting results. Wish me luck, again.

Photo: RAY J