Thanks, Rockers.

Wrapping up a perfect trip out to Colorado for ROCKERS RUMBLE 11. My first time taking the Winter '16 Collection on the road, SO dope to see your guys response. Mad love to everyone who supported this weekend. Hell, even the cats who just came by the booth to kick it! So good to see all the faces, new AND old, over the weekend!

Absolutely crushed it behind the booth AND got to cypher my nuts off. Shiettt I even jumped in the battles with my #FinesseGod brothas! LOL. All in all KILLER weekend. Shout out to the homie Jeremiah for making it all happen! Congrats to you and the rest of the Rockers Staff on a great event!

As for the rest of you, I KNOW there are some open orders and unanswered emails out there. I apologize for the drag, gang. This past week has been fucking CRAZY preparing for this trip. Catching an early flight home and will be diving back into the grind soon as I'm home.

Thanks for your patience!! - AD