Print Nerd.

I've been trying to add a bit of depth to my recent work using texture, rather than complexity. Trying to keep my style minimal without feeling too "flat". The real fun happens, however, when I get to take the new technique and translate it to print. For "Dark Ages" I wanted to simulate a chipped / ancient stone style texture. Once I achieved the texture visually, I took the idea a step further and added a PHYSICAL texture to the design. 

Using a sort of "reversed base" print concept, I laid down a extremely thin, dark base of greys with a high mesh count that would simulate my "deep / shadowy" stone areas, almost fading into the shirt. Then I added my heavy top layer over the base with an drastically lower mesh count, giving it a bold, gloss finish. The wide difference in mesh count and variance in surface finish let's the heavy top text appear to be chipped and fractured, giving way to the more subtle, matted damage areas. 

I know that probably didn't make ANY sense to you and don't really give a damn, but there's levels to his shit!! Yeah, I'm a total print nerd. Fuck you. LOL. Dark ages drops this Saturday March 18th in the US and the 19th in JP / EU.

Photo: RAY J / Model: ADVERSE