So, since the word got out about my trip to Europe last month my messages have been off the fucking hook. From texts, to voicemails, emails, brand / personal IG DMs, brand / personal FB messages, I'm totally swamped. Makes sense though, I've been doing a LOT in a relatively short amount of time. So, I get it.

I just today stopped moving at a million miles an hour and am getting a chance to sit at my desk and crank out messages. FINALLY. I know some of you guys have been waiting a long time, some have sent more than one message, I'm doing my best to get back to ALL OF YOU before the weekend is over.

When it comes to US related stuff, I'm just one dude so I personally apologize for the delay. Keeping up with this shit can turn into a nightmare real quick, so I REALLY appreciate your patience and look forward to getting you guys all taken care of! - AD