Listen To Morning Music.

Took a break on Morning Music for quite a while, partly because I was listening to sounds that fall outside my usual "guidelines" for Morning Music related material, partly because I didn't give a fuck about sharing anything with the world. Another big reason is that I just wasn't listening to much music. If you haven't noticed, the world is a crazy place right now, my life was in a crazy place, and it turned out that Podcasts / Talk Radio was taking care of my mind the way music couldn't.

As my momentum builds up in the shop again, so does my interest in music, and I've been listening to some great shit. Gonna do my best to get Morning Music on and cracking on a consistent basis again. Rock, Psych, Garage, Surf, Soul, Blues, and Funk, one BANGER a day collected over the last two years resulting in the best playlist you'll ever hear.

Give yourself an ear-gasam, follow Morning music on Spotify:…/…/playlist/0y8IHL9b2i53tVjXwkUhlG