Quiet, But Busy.

I took a step back from social media to try and re-ignite my motivation, to find inspiration, to clear my mind and dig deeper into what drives me. While I may not know a lot of you personally, I've learned that sharing my work with you guys is what motivates me to keep create, connecting with friends is my inspiration.

Time away is healthy, in small doses, but it's become clear to me that it's vital for my health as an artist to share my craft with you guys who take the time to appreciate it. Almost 8 years down this road and the support for Kings Without Crowns is stronger than ever. Thanks, gang.

I've may have been quiet, but I've been busy. It's late, but Summer '17 is DONE. Posts to follow all week along with some other solid news. Time to get the ball rolling again. - AD

📸: @RayJBMF