Split Fountain Rasta.

If you want to create a clean color gradient in modern screen printing, there's technology that will allow you to break up your transition into a series of super fine dots and presses that will let you perfectly align your multiple color layers to create a perfect, even blend for every single print. But where's the fun in that?

Meet the 3 color split fountain technique. An old school blending trick seen all over vintage concert poster art where 3 seperate inks are loaded and printed all at the same time, creating a perfect natural blend. The beauty tho is that the size and shape of the blend transforms with every print, with ever move of the squeegee. Each piece showing the same effect, but no two shirts EVER with the same print.

The NYC Stack Team Tee hits the streets tomorrow, August 5th at The Notorious IBE with Rasta colored 3 color fountain print graphic. Need that? DAMN RIGHT YOU DO.

Photo: RAY J / Artist: ADVERSE