The New Bboy Mecca.

Haven't had a chance to really follow up on the madness that is IBE, but if you're a bboy living on planet earth, you're a fucking dickhead if you don't make it out to this event, LMAO. This shit is like the new bboy Mecca, EVERYONE needs to make the trip at least once in their career.

Had a crazy successful weekend and can't explain how much I appreciate the support from literally all over the world. We must've had customers from 20 different countries in 2 days and every single one of them really understands what we're trying to do with Kings Without Crowns. YOU guys are the reason I make this shit, and YOU are the reason we'll continue to grow.

MAJOR MAJOR SHOUT OUT to everyone on The Notorious IBE staff, with extra love to my big bros Tyrone and Mario for fully backing the Kings Without Crowns Europe movement. Next year is the big 20 year anniversary and you can guarantee we'll be in the house to wreck shop like you've never seen. 

Full IBE gallery shot by the slick sniper TORSION hosting soon on the home page.