LONG TIME Support.

Not sure if you guys can really grasp how raw this flick is, but I'll do my best to paint the picture.

I flew 4,000 miles away from home to hit the streets of Holland at The Notorious IBE to do my best introduce Kings Without Crowns to as many new faces as possible. We just set up shop with Kings Without Crowns Europe like 4 months ago and new exposure is KEY to making the biz take off. Then this dude pops up.

Homie strolls by, recognized the brand and goes "yo, check this out". BOOM. Pulls up the button down on his fresh fit and shows me the second tank top I've ever made way back from 2011. Homie live on another continent and STILL rocks one of my tanks from 6 years ago!!

Sometimes I get lost in my own momentum and lose sight of all the love we've continuously gotten over the years and how many people are down for life. This right here is a crystal clear example of HARDCORE SUPPORT. Love you guys. - AD