Twenty Years Strong.


Not exactly sure how I ended up on this road, but can't be more proud to be a part of such a distinct group on animals. 

Was pretty much blacked out all fucking weekend, but gotta extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support mine and my brothers big day at the Knuckleheads 20th Anniversary. 

Getting my life together today, gimme a day or so to get back in the swing of things, LOL.

Big Bad Block Party.

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Post is late as hell, but wanted to give a BIG ass shout to the people at Block 1750 who put together BLOCK PARTY last weekend in Boulder, CO.

You guys have really cultivated a "one of a kind" scene around this event and it's obvious it's a smash. BLOCK PARTY was a GREAT time and can't thank you all enough for the hospitality. See you next year!

Mad love to my Dutch fam The Ruggeds for flying in and swooping the big win! Always a good time getting dirty with you jerks, LOL.


BC One Chicago Cypher.

Hands down my favorite OG in the game, Grandmaster LEANSKEE rocking the sold out NYC Stack Coaches jacket this weekend on the judges panel at the Red Bull BC One Chicago Cypher / Phaze II 35th Anniversary.

HUGE shoutout to everyone who came thru and supported the pop up during the jam. Set up last minute as fuck, but that didn't stop you guys from buying damn near every single piece I brought with me.

This weekend, BLOCK PARTY in Boulder, CO with my brothers The Ruggeds!

The New Bboy Mecca.

Haven't had a chance to really follow up on the madness that is IBE, but if you're a bboy living on planet earth, you're a fucking dickhead if you don't make it out to this event, LMAO. This shit is like the new bboy Mecca, EVERYONE needs to make the trip at least once in their career.

Had a crazy successful weekend and can't explain how much I appreciate the support from literally all over the world. We must've had customers from 20 different countries in 2 days and every single one of them really understands what we're trying to do with Kings Without Crowns. YOU guys are the reason I make this shit, and YOU are the reason we'll continue to grow.

MAJOR MAJOR SHOUT OUT to everyone on The Notorious IBE staff, with extra love to my big bros Tyrone and Mario for fully backing the Kings Without Crowns Europe movement. Next year is the big 20 year anniversary and you can guarantee we'll be in the house to wreck shop like you've never seen. 

Full IBE gallery shot by the slick sniper TORSION hosting soon on the home page.

World Bboy Classic.

This Sunday, we're taking over EINDHOVEN!! Kings Without Crowns Europe is setting up shop at the legendary World Bboy Classic and my brothas aim to do damage. The gang will be fully stocked with Spring '17, but heads up, supplies WILL run out. 

This might be your last chance to grab the Spring collection if you're out in Europe, so make sure to stop by the booth and see my man DUZK about stocking up before you're out of luck.

Link to World Bboy Classic event info.

Hit N' Run Champions.

You may have already guessed it, but HIT N' RUN: Rotterdam was the fucking truth!! 

Killer cyphers, killer music, killer battles, killer vibes, everything just straight up KILLER. For our first event in Europe, me and the KILLKWOC EU gang really couldn't ask for a better result. Huge CONGRATS to The Ruggeds Zoopreme and Tawfiq On taking home the big W!

Mad respect to Hip Hop Huis and Return Of The Bboy for their heavy duty support from beginning to end. We really couldn't have made it happen without you guys. And to all the staff and invites involved, NOTHING BUT LOVE! Incredible to work with so many game changers all in one night. THANK YOU EVERYONE! - AD

The Top Spot.

Just when you thought that HIT N' RUN: Rotterdam was already off the hook... BOOM! The trophies for winners are revealed and take a hot shit on the game.

We've got a four color, screen printed BANGER for each of our Champions this Sunday, each one individually printed by hand, signed, and numbered as an edition of TWO by yours truly, Adverse. Both in a clean wooden frame, protected under glass. You may have noticed, YES, the word "Champion" is printed in metallic gold flake. (FUCK.)

Let me ask you something, when's the last time you won yourself a trophy this RAW?!! Only ONE duo will be walking away with the pair along with $500, WHO'S HUNGRY??


Corny Ass Souvenir.

Yeah, you're right, these HIT N' RUN: Rotterdam event tees came out stupid hardddd. Kinda rare when you think about it, when's the last time you copped an event shirt that didn't make you feel like you were just buying a corny ass souvenir?

The best part though, there are ONLY 36 PIECES TOTAL. That's right, these suckers are gonna sell out quick as fuck and once they're gone, they're GONE. Don't be afraid to be there before the doors open on Sunday Limited is the name of the game and you don't wanna ruin your weekend cause you were slow and stupid.

Hit N' Run is going down in just TWO DAYS. Hope you guys can take the heat, cause shit is turning out to be straight fire. 


First Come, First Served.

HIT N' RUN: Rotterdam is about to be GOING DOWN one week from today! Our lineup is crazy stacked and everything seems to be falling to place just perfectly!

If you haven't already seen, I blasted out a small batch of tees just for the event. These killers will ONLY be available the day of the event and are limited to 36 pieces. First come, first served. If you snooze, your ass is DEF gonna lose!

Don't be scared to show up early, cause you already KNOW you're gonna be salty if you miss out on this beast. March 5th. Rotterdam, NL. BE THERE.


And that is a WRAP at Circle Industry! So glad that I was able to make it out despite all the roadblocks the last few days. Really dope to see everyone's reaction to the brand and even MORE DOPE how many people already knew Kings Without Crowns!

Huge shout out to Mike and Philip who were running the show tonight! Thanks so much for welcoming me in and making sure I was totally taken care of. MAD LOVE to everyone who stopped by the table to support!! It's not easy holding it down as a one man show on foreign grounds!!

Taking tomorrow off to explore Salzburg a bit, then back to Holland for HIT N' RUN: Rotterdam. Big moves on deck, time to get busy! - Adverse

HIT N' RUN: Rotterdam

In three weeks, me and my brotha Duzk (The Ruggeds) are kicking off HIT N' RUN: Rotterdam, a quick and dirty 2 vs 2 bboy battle for $500 CASH. One little twist, we've got a cypher qualifier in place. So if you don't BREAK, you don't BATTLE.

(Sorry all you superstars out there who expected to just pop in and throw some weak ass round in your prelim because you think you're GUARANTEED a spot. THAT SHIT AIN'T GONNA CUT IT.)

This is the second Kings Without Crowns battle series and you can bet your ass it's gonna be OFFICIAL. Major shout out to Return of the BBoy and HipHopHuis for the support in bringing this concept to life across the ocean! 



Euro Trip.

So, I've been kinda quiet the last week. Don't fear, I've just been hella busy kicking major ass on a global scale. That being said... IM GOING TO EUROPE MADADAKKASSSSS!!!

Catch me in the other side of the Atlantic catching SERIOUS WRECK from Feb 23rd - March 7th. I'll be setting up shop at 2 separate events while I'm out there, come find me if you want first dibs on some new hot shit!

Feb 25th - Salzburg, Austria -  CIRCLE INDUSTRY FINALS

March 5th - Rotterdam, The Netherlands - HIT N' RUN: ROTTERDAM

Yeah, shit got REAL. Europe homies, HIT A BROTHA UP! I'd love to link up with as many heads as possible while I'm out there! Time to do workkk!