The Notorious IBE.


Tomorrow I head back to Europe to sink my teeth into easily THE largest bboy festival on the planet, The Notorious IBE

Joining forces with my bros Duzk and Torsion to do some heavy duty DAMAGE at the Kings Without Crowns Europe booth this weekend. Summer '17 will be on deck, fully stocked, and ready to change lives. 

Not sure if I'm mentally ready for this level of madness, but I'm not sure there's anything you can do prepare yourself for this shit. Wish me luck.



I designed the flyer for my crew KNUCKLEHEADS 20th Anniversary as a DIY punk poster because, if you know my crew at all, you'd know that they're a bunch of Rock and Roll savages at heart. It just seemed perfect for the occasion. 

Bring your ass out to LA September 9th and celebrate 20 YEARS of Knuck fuckery with the crew, you know you won't be disappointed. 

Knuckleheads : The 20 Year Anniversary

The Notorious IBE.


If you're any kind of bboy, you can probably feel me on this, but it's been a LONG TIME dream of mine to make it out to The Notorious IBE. Next weekend, that shit is finally becoming a reality. 

I'll be jumping across the Atlantic in support of KILLKWOC EU to officially release the Summer '17 Collection at IBE, the worlds largest bboy festival. Make damn sure you stop by the Culture Market, peep the goods, and smash a beer with a brotha. 

Second trip to the Netherlands this year, holy fuck. Talk about jumping right back into the hustle with a bang.

World Bboy Classic.

This Sunday, we're taking over EINDHOVEN!! Kings Without Crowns Europe is setting up shop at the legendary World Bboy Classic and my brothas aim to do damage. The gang will be fully stocked with Spring '17, but heads up, supplies WILL run out. 

This might be your last chance to grab the Spring collection if you're out in Europe, so make sure to stop by the booth and see my man DUZK about stocking up before you're out of luck.

Link to World Bboy Classic event info.

Stupid Ass Snow.

If you're in Chicago right now, this snow probably has you wanting to shoot yourself in the face. Sucks, but you just gotta deal with it.

Luckily, most NYC Stack Beanies are still stocked and ready to ship. Nothing you can do about the snow, but you might as we'll look good while you suffer.

Available in four colors, but supplies are going fast. Go 'head and get you some, ONLINE STORE.

Photo: TORSION / Model: SAMO

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