Most of you who are closer to me, especially in regard to my brand Kings Without Crowns know that I often didn't have the "best" words when it came to Mex One. Actually, if you really wanted to get a reaction out of me, all you had to do was ask "how do you feel about MexOne / Biggest&Baddest?" and you already KNEW you just lit dynamite inside of me... my response was guaranteed to be explosive.

In my bboy stained mind, I'm a natural battler in everything that I do, wether it be dance or my business. Because of this, I always saw MEX as my main competition, my adversary, and up til now, my all time greatest opponent. It's not hard to imagine why, the worldwide community that he built around himself and vision truly did make him the "Biggest & Baddest" competition in my path.

It was because of the size, the reach, the consistency of his empire that I'd get up for work a lot of times and ask myself "How am I gonna catch up? How am I gonna change the game? How am I gonna stay ahead of MEX?" It was trying to keep up with his extraordinary pace that allowed me the drive to bring my company to the level it is now. Without the giant steps of his career, I'm not so sure I'd have ever seen such big strides in my own.

I'm grateful to have crossed paths with you in my journey, bro. A big part of the person I am today is because of the mark you were already making before me. It's been amazing chasing you and battling it out with you in business since the very beginning.

Thank you for everything, David, I'll never forget you.

Rest in peace, my friend.

- AD

Twenty Years Strong.


Not exactly sure how I ended up on this road, but can't be more proud to be a part of such a distinct group on animals. 

Was pretty much blacked out all fucking weekend, but gotta extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support mine and my brothers big day at the Knuckleheads 20th Anniversary. 

Getting my life together today, gimme a day or so to get back in the swing of things, LOL.

Big Bad Block Party.

Blog 13.jpg


Post is late as hell, but wanted to give a BIG ass shout to the people at Block 1750 who put together BLOCK PARTY last weekend in Boulder, CO.

You guys have really cultivated a "one of a kind" scene around this event and it's obvious it's a smash. BLOCK PARTY was a GREAT time and can't thank you all enough for the hospitality. See you next year!

Mad love to my Dutch fam The Ruggeds for flying in and swooping the big win! Always a good time getting dirty with you jerks, LOL.


SOLD OUT, Basically.

Blog 08.jpg

Been quiet with these for a while, cause, well, they don't need any promo cause theyve been selling hard as fuck since they came out.

SOLD OUT in Japan, SOLD OUT in Europe, and I bet you anything they'll be selling out in Boulder, CO this weekend. Come see the booth at Block Party and get you someeee.


Fresh Batch Comin'.

Blog 06.jpg

As you might have guessed, these Superior Quality Wine Dye Tanks are damn near sold out just like everything else. 

Trying to get a fresh batch dyed up and ready crush for Block Party in Boulder, CO this weekend. In the meantime, do you best to grab whatever's left in the Online Store.



Blog 05.jpg

The time has come... "Devil In The Details" in White is officially SOLD OUT.

Of course I'm stoked, but definitely sad to see this one go. Will more than likely go down as one of my all time favorite prints. Major props to everyone who went out of their comfort zone to support a solid piece of art. To the haters, eat a dick. LMAOOO.

One small remains in Black, then this design is officially done-zo. Who wants it?


BC One Chicago Cypher.

Hands down my favorite OG in the game, Grandmaster LEANSKEE rocking the sold out NYC Stack Coaches jacket this weekend on the judges panel at the Red Bull BC One Chicago Cypher / Phaze II 35th Anniversary.

HUGE shoutout to everyone who came thru and supported the pop up during the jam. Set up last minute as fuck, but that didn't stop you guys from buying damn near every single piece I brought with me.

This weekend, BLOCK PARTY in Boulder, CO with my brothers The Ruggeds!

Rastas going QUICK.

Blog 09.jpg

You been on the Online Store this week? You see how this shit is damn near sold out already? Pfft, can't thank you guys enough for the quick first week support.

Some NYC Stack Rasta comin' hot off the press for this weekend at House Of Dance Anni., peep the event info in bio. Leftovers will be posted up online soon as I'm back on Monday.

Bangin' Freshies.

Blog 08.jpg

Getting some freshies banged out before I head up north to sell at the House Of Dance 3 Year Anniversary. Stoked to do some rampaging with my MN bretheren this weekend!

Inventory looking pretty low across the board in the Online Store. Sorry gang, you gonna need to wait til I'm back for a restock. There ARE still some REVOLUTION tees on deck, might wanna peep that before someone else does. ONLINE STORE.

Photo: RAY J

Crucial Creative.


With any art form, creativity is crucial (No shit, right?) Equally important, however, is how you PRESENT your work. Shitty presentation can make even a masterpiece look like an amateur attempt.

Been totally crushing with my bro TORSION the last two weeks, and DAMN, he makes my work look good as fuck. Peep the IG story for some BTS action from the shoot we blasted out yesterday for Summer '17. Hurry up, you got less than 24 hrs left.