Fresh Batch Comin'.

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As you might have guessed, these Superior Quality Wine Dye Tanks are damn near sold out just like everything else. 

Trying to get a fresh batch dyed up and ready crush for Block Party in Boulder, CO this weekend. In the meantime, do you best to grab whatever's left in the Online Store.


Bangin' Freshies.

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Getting some freshies banged out before I head up north to sell at the House Of Dance 3 Year Anniversary. Stoked to do some rampaging with my MN bretheren this weekend!

Inventory looking pretty low across the board in the Online Store. Sorry gang, you gonna need to wait til I'm back for a restock. There ARE still some REVOLUTION tees on deck, might wanna peep that before someone else does. ONLINE STORE.

Photo: RAY J

Crucial Creative.


With any art form, creativity is crucial (No shit, right?) Equally important, however, is how you PRESENT your work. Shitty presentation can make even a masterpiece look like an amateur attempt.

Been totally crushing with my bro TORSION the last two weeks, and DAMN, he makes my work look good as fuck. Peep the IG story for some BTS action from the shoot we blasted out yesterday for Summer '17. Hurry up, you got less than 24 hrs left.

Happy Birthday HIDEKI!


Huge happy bday shout to the big chief behind Kings Without Crowns Japan, Hideki!

Never imagined having a base of operations in Tokyo when I first started KWOC and it'd never have been possible without this young brotha. Thanks for putting up with my shit for 3 strong years with KWOC JP, hahah.

The new Superior Quality tank top on deck because, well, isn't it obvious? Squad don't get stronger than this. Available in two color options worldwide in the ONLINE STORE.

Photo: TMFM / Model: HIDEKI

LONG TIME Support.

Not sure if you guys can really grasp how raw this flick is, but I'll do my best to paint the picture.

I flew 4,000 miles away from home to hit the streets of Holland at The Notorious IBE to do my best introduce Kings Without Crowns to as many new faces as possible. We just set up shop with Kings Without Crowns Europe like 4 months ago and new exposure is KEY to making the biz take off. Then this dude pops up.

Homie strolls by, recognized the brand and goes "yo, check this out". BOOM. Pulls up the button down on his fresh fit and shows me the second tank top I've ever made way back from 2011. Homie live on another continent and STILL rocks one of my tanks from 6 years ago!!

Sometimes I get lost in my own momentum and lose sight of all the love we've continuously gotten over the years and how many people are down for life. This right here is a crystal clear example of HARDCORE SUPPORT. Love you guys. - AD


Clean, To The Point.

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I don't need to use up the WHOLE front of the shirt to get my message across. "The Revolution Will Be Live" show cased as a throwback to the old school punk / HC graphics of the 80's. Clean and to the point, like it should be. 

The brand new Revolution tee hit the Online Store today in two color options, get you someeee. 


Duzkie Duzk.

On the grind out in Rotterdam last weekend with my main man Duzkie Duzk.

We joined forces on the battle field way back in 2011 on my first trip it to Europe, and now 6 years later, Duzk is my partner in crime leading the charge on Kings Without Crowns Europe. Not sure how shit like that works out, the universe just blows your mind sometimes.

Huge shout out to my bro and his army The Ruggeds for always making me feel like fam when I'm in town. Feels amazing to know that such a savage squad has my back and pretty much guarantees heavy damage in the years to come. Till next time, love you wild bastards.


Fucking Delays.

Maybe you noticed, but we DIDNT get a chance to drop Summer '17 this weekend.

It's been non stop work since we touched down in Holland and to be honest, The Notorious IBE swallowed us whole, hahah. Such an incredible experience so far, but was DEF expecting a little too much trying to make a release happen as well.

Shout out to our sharp shooter STACII SAMIDIN for putting in work with us this in the streets and the whole IBE staff for showing us an amazing time all weekend.

Launching Summer this weekend, keep them eyes open!


Split Fountain Rasta.

If you want to create a clean color gradient in modern screen printing, there's technology that will allow you to break up your transition into a series of super fine dots and presses that will let you perfectly align your multiple color layers to create a perfect, even blend for every single print. But where's the fun in that?

Meet the 3 color split fountain technique. An old school blending trick seen all over vintage concert poster art where 3 seperate inks are loaded and printed all at the same time, creating a perfect natural blend. The beauty tho is that the size and shape of the blend transforms with every print, with ever move of the squeegee. Each piece showing the same effect, but no two shirts EVER with the same print.

The NYC Stack Team Tee hits the streets tomorrow, August 5th at The Notorious IBE with Rasta colored 3 color fountain print graphic. Need that? DAMN RIGHT YOU DO.

Photo: RAY J / Artist: ADVERSE

What We Strive For.

You guys know like to talk shit, but that was never the point when creating the "Superior Quality" tagline for Kings Without Crowns. It's what we strive for.

It's to serve as a reminder to ourselves to ask, "Is this enough? Can we do better?" If we're not hitting our standard of SUPERIOR QUALITY, then it's time to regroup, strengthen our weakness, and come back stronger. We're here to stay, and that ain't gonna happen by half-assing it.

Superior Quality Tank Tops releasing August 5th in two color options as part of the Summer '17 Collection.

Photo: RAY J

The Revolution Will be LIVE.


"The revolution will be no rerun, brothas, the revolution will be LIVE."

Summer '17's new "REVOLUTION" Tee draws inspiration from my long history as a bboy, my love affair with DIY punk artwork, and the current state of world events. A wide mixture of reference delivered subtly as a punch in the jaw. 

Debuts in two color options next Saturday August 5th in person at IBE in Herleen, NL and in the US, JP, and EU Online Stores.

Quiet, But Busy.

I took a step back from social media to try and re-ignite my motivation, to find inspiration, to clear my mind and dig deeper into what drives me. While I may not know a lot of you personally, I've learned that sharing my work with you guys is what motivates me to keep create, connecting with friends is my inspiration.

Time away is healthy, in small doses, but it's become clear to me that it's vital for my health as an artist to share my craft with you guys who take the time to appreciate it. Almost 8 years down this road and the support for Kings Without Crowns is stronger than ever. Thanks, gang.

I've may have been quiet, but I've been busy. It's late, but Summer '17 is DONE. Posts to follow all week along with some other solid news. Time to get the ball rolling again. - AD

📸: @RayJBMF