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The time has come... "Devil In The Details" in White is officially SOLD OUT.

Of course I'm stoked, but definitely sad to see this one go. Will more than likely go down as one of my all time favorite prints. Major props to everyone who went out of their comfort zone to support a solid piece of art. To the haters, eat a dick. LMAOOO.

One small remains in Black, then this design is officially done-zo. Who wants it?


One Left.

The Devil In The Details print will probably go down in the books as one of my all time favorite pieces, haters be damned. (No pun intended, lmao.)

It's work like this that has me feeling like I need to create my art for canvas, or some more "permanent" medium before it gets out on a tee. Something that can stick around longer than the seasons, you feel me?

Black is down to ONE REMAINING SMALL and just a handful left in White. 



Quit Lyin'.

Who DOESN'T love a good beanie? You don't? That's a damn lie!! LOL.

NYC Stack Beanies are running out extra quickly and it might be a while before I get to restock.

4 color options available in the ONLINE STORE. If you snooze, you just might lose. Hurry up and grab one while you can.

Photo: TORSION / Model: SAMO

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Hella Strong.

I've been hooked on Spring '17 lately, but Winter '16 is still up and going HELLA strong. As it should be, obviously, you seen how fresh this flick came out??

I doubt you'll ever be as fresh as my man SAMO right here, but this SINCE 2009 Crewneck just might put you on the right path. 

Stocked up in two color options in the ONLINE STORE. Earn some cool points with your friends, grab one nowwwww. While you're at it, peep the rest of the Winter '16 spotlight gallery in the link right HERE.


Killer, No Filler.

The straight up killer with no filler. Regardless of all the bullshit comments I got since the release of Devil In The Details, I stand firm in saying that this was one of the best executed designs of my career.

Don't agree? I don't really give a shit, not sorry. LOL.

Devil In The Details has been fully restocked for a you infant bastards that are down for the cause. Available in two color options now in the ONLINE STORE

Photo: TORSION / Model: SAMO

Stupid Ass Snow.

If you're in Chicago right now, this snow probably has you wanting to shoot yourself in the face. Sucks, but you just gotta deal with it.

Luckily, most NYC Stack Beanies are still stocked and ready to ship. Nothing you can do about the snow, but you might as we'll look good while you suffer.

Available in four colors, but supplies are going fast. Go 'head and get you some, ONLINE STORE.

Photo: TORSION / Model: SAMO

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The Right Move.

The NYC Stack lapel pin was one of those "just because" last minute additions to the Winter '16 collection. Just thought it'd be cool, ya know?

Turns out, it was totally the right move. You guys really took to 'em, on hats, on jackets, on bags, it's fucking awesome. They give you the chance to rep whenever, even when it's not intentional.

NYC Stack Lapel pins are still stocked and still fresh as ever. Joint the club, grab one now in the ONLINE STORE.


Some of you may have been lurking around the Online Store and noticed that the Black NYC Stack Beanie is totally sold out. a.k.a. SOLD OUT AS FUCK.

Working on a restock, but it might take a while. In the mean time, feel free to turn all the lights off and cry to yourself in darkness about how you should have grabbed one sooner.

Still have a few pieces left of the other 4 color options in the ONLINE STORE. Don't be an idiot, act fast. 

Photo: TORSION / Model: SAMO

Feature: Sammy Soto

Knocked out some lightning strike hustling with my brotha from anotha, SAMO (X FENZ / FFF) last weekend during his layover in Chicago. If you think 6 hours isn't long enough to make moves, you're dead wrong.

Of course, you KNOW we had to take advantage of the situation and blasted out a SERIOUS shoot with my camera sniper TORSION. In, out, and nothing but straight fire. Peep the link to the full WINTER '16 SPOTLIGHT

Devil In The Details spotlighted in this shot, and if you've ever seen Samo move, you'd know exactly why. Available now in two color options in the ONLINE STORE.

Hip Hop Huis.

Let me take a sec to blast out a quick shout out to HIP HOP HUIS out here in Rotterdam, NL.

HOLY SHIT, this place is absolutely incredible! I'm sure the staff here could probably offer a much better explanation, but HHH is nothing short of a full service Hip Hop education and development platform for the Dutch community. Of course, seeing the youth outreach is fantastic, knowing they are constantly cultivating knowledge is empowering, but the thing that really got me? THE OFFICE SPACE.

It's no wonder to me why the Dutch bboy scene seems so far ahead of its time. With a professional working environment like this, not even the sky is the limit. MAD LOVE HIP HOP HUIS! Thanks for having this your brothas back during my stay in Holland. Keep fighting the good fight! - AD

Modesty For The Win.

Often times I'll have a modest garment like this in mind and I'll think "Fuck, this just won't be enough to make an impact." Regardless, I'll follow my instinct cause TO ME, it seems just right.

Getting to tour the streetwear scene in Rotterdam today showed me that not only am I on the right path, but that maybe I should exploit my instinct even further. Take the risks I'm afraid to take because I JUST MIGHT be on to something.

Since 2009 Crewnecks were an experiment I was nervous to create, but laid the foundation for MUCH bigger moves ahead. Available now in 2 color options in the Online Store.