SOLD OUT, Basically.

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Been quiet with these for a while, cause, well, they don't need any promo cause theyve been selling hard as fuck since they came out.

SOLD OUT in Japan, SOLD OUT in Europe, and I bet you anything they'll be selling out in Boulder, CO this weekend. Come see the booth at Block Party and get you someeee.


Rastas going QUICK.

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You been on the Online Store this week? You see how this shit is damn near sold out already? Pfft, can't thank you guys enough for the quick first week support.

Some NYC Stack Rasta comin' hot off the press for this weekend at House Of Dance Anni., peep the event info in bio. Leftovers will be posted up online soon as I'm back on Monday.

Hit The Ground Running.

Hop off the plane, hit the ground running. Some BTS of the master blaster Stacii Samidin at work with my brotha DUZK shooting for our freshly released Summer '17 Collection. 

Brand new REVOLUTION tee on deck and available in 2 color options. You know it's fresh, you know you're fiending, so what the hell are you waiting for? ONLINE STORE.


Last Chance, Europe.

Every batch of Psychic Advisor Longsleeves that I sent out to KILLKWOC EU sold out more or less INSTANTLY. Of course they did, it's one of the nastiest pieces ever to come out of the sweatshop. 

Good news for all my euro gang who couldn't get their hands on this heat, I made a small batch to take with me to THE NOTORIOUS IBE this weekend. This could be your LAST CHANCE to come up before the design is retired. 

Few pieces still remain in the US ONLINE STORE, basically out everywhere else.

3 Years In The Making.

I had a vision for the "neon glow" print technique I used on this piece in the back of my mind for a solid 3 years before right concept came along to let me experiment my idea.

Not to sweat myself too hard, but this shit came out PERFECT. From lettering design, to layering design, it's like I pulled the image right out of my subconscious and slapped it on a tee. Execution rarely goes as planned, but you just roll with the punches. When it DOES come through for you, damn, it feels good.

Psychic Advisor Longsleeves fully stocked and ready to ship. Level up or get left behind.


Nonstop Support.

If you hadn't noticed, I've still been silent as hell on here. After a few months of non stop grindage and a massive email backlog, def needed some time to reconnect with myself personally / artistically and social media does NOT make that shit easy. 

Need to give a hella huge shout out to all of you who continue to support the brand online even when there's little or no activity on my end. Your guys persistent interest makes me realize that there's something strong going on here, and I need to get my ass back into motion. 

As you can see, Spring is fully restocked on the US and Europe sites, but already running thin. Summer is just about to be totally wrapped up and launched. Time to get motivated, there's moves to be made. - AD

No Hope? Not Quite.


Psychic Advisor Longsleeves hit Europe and you guys straight up demolished the inventory. OF COURSE we think the print is sick as fuck, but it's dope to know you guys feel the same.

Don't worry, big ol' restock is heading out to KILLKWOC Europe this week. Just make sure you're ready to grab one when the time is right.